Can’t Focus at Work? Focus on this Article…

Having trouble focusing at the office or on this article?

With the many distractions of our modern lives it is understandable why many report experiencing difficulty focusing at work. Difficulty focusing can range from an array of distractions such as noisy co-workers, loud music, lack of sleep, etc. But even outside of those distracting situations sometimes you may still find it difficult to focus at work.


In a recent article on Business2Business Ken Sterling identified three of the most common, though often overlooked, sources of your inability to focus, along with several simple solutions.


  1. Digital Distractions

It’s not just that the act of texting, emailing, or checking social media from your smartphone takes away time that you could be working, but the constant visual connectivity with your smartphone’s screen makes it difficult for your brain to re-focus even after the phone is put away.


The Harvard Business Review states that a digital constant connection does not allow your brain to “process, recharge, and refocus” throughout the workday. This is an easy (though understandably easier said than done) fix: Keep the phone interactivity to a minimum at work–even on during your break. Your brain will benefit and be able to bounce back and re-focus that much more quickly.  


  1. Low Energy

If you’re sitting and staring at a computer screen all day, maintaining high energy levels throughout the day might be a struggle.


The article suggests that one way to sustain energy is to remain hydrated. While, drinking coffee all day in the office you might forget to also drink some water every now and again. An article in TIME also notes that because dehydration is known to cause “headache symptoms, loss of focus, a sense of fatigue and low mood”, drinking adequate amounts of water each day is a simple way to combat those symptoms. It is als a good idea to get up and stretch occasionally to get the blood flowing.  In between meeting or before switching to a new task is always a good time to take a stretch break.


  1. Caved in by Clutter

It is an age old question: does a messy workspace distract and decrease productivity? The answer is yes. “A cluttered work environment means a cluttered mind.”


In a Princeton University study, researchers found that employees working in an organized environment performed better, because there were fewer stimuli competing for their attention. The organization should should not stop at your desk. Organize your inbox, filling cabinets, bookshelf, and better yet, keep your entire office organized and you’ll significantly increase your focus.  
All of the above listed solutions against fatigue and loss of focus at work are simple to do, it’s just a matter of following through and keeping up with them.

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