Fly High with Uber Marketing

Uber certainly knows how to keep us on our toes. Since its inception, the company has thrown itself headlong into all sorts of peculiar promotions, and to great effect. Most recently, hot air balloon rides have become available in China, and there is no telling what to expect next. Fast Company and  TechCrunch have gathered some of its most memorable schemes into handy lists for our perusal, but if you want it in brief, Uber has put both deliveries of pot and puppies* on order to build their brand and garner publicity.

Not every company is able to procure lion cubs and private helicopters to entice customers, but thinking outside the box certainly has weird and wonderful effects. Appealing to want instead of need appears to be an effective strategy in of itself. Thanks, Uber. How about fresh baked pies next?


*you don’t get to keep the puppies.

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