Selling to the Millennial Consumer

Despite commonly circulated myths, Millennials actually are a very local customer base. Earning their loyalty though is a little more tricky and complex.

According to a study conducted by Elite Daily, brand loyalty is earned through product quality, good customer experience and the brand’s support for society. By aligning with these three key values, brands have the opportunity to tap into one of the most influential consumer groups in the market today. A Forbes article offers this advice:

  1. Be authentic

As a sales professional, bring your own personality, or at least the best of your own personality, to the selling process, and millennials will respond positively. In his article, Jeff Fromm assures that , “Millennial customers expect brands and service providers to stand for more than their bottom line. When they feel like a brand genuinely cares about them and not just the dollars they are spending, they will quickly develop an affinity for the brand and build brand loyalty.

  1. Value the customer’s knowledge and input on the product/service

“Millennials don’t like to be talked down to. Plus, the reality is that your customers probably do know a lot, because of the internet’s offerings of expert, as well as crowdsourced, knowledge.” This has led to a fundamental shift in the role of a salesperson, from educator and gatekeeper of information to that of an advisor.

  1. Always be helping, not closing

Drop the “What’s it going to take to put you in this baby today?” sales approach.

“False-urgency techniques that may have worked for you in the past actually work against you with millennials. This generation of customers were born with excellent baloney detectors, and they’re used to an almost infinite availability of products and suppliers.” Address the customer’s needs rather than trying to push on specific product.

  1. It’s about the experience

Millennials expect a personalized experience, and a genuine interaction, “strive to honor concerns that go beyond the sale as a transaction. Show that you’re interested in the emotions – positive and negative – of this buying decision, which is likely both an exciting and a stressful moment in your customer’s life”

  1. Be savvy about using technology and social media

Millennials hate when lack of technology or poorly-used technology gums up the works.

Mark Keeney, VP of Marketing high end jewelry brand Ritani , recommends making use of content marketing, “Content marketing is a means to entertain and educate consumers on associated topics in order to garner trust/confidence with consumers.”

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